Sunday, February 14, 2010


True story - 
Just got off the phone with my sister who live in Oregon. My sister is 6 years older and my parents first born. I was adopted & came last in the line-up. Suffice to say due to age difference, my sister & I really didn't have a relationship until we were adults. 
One of the things we like to remind each other is how much my sister is like my mom & how I lucked out on that gene pool. Case in point. . .
Yesterday my sister & her neighbor decided (on the spur of the moment) to go to the local Y and go swimming. (I was always envious that she can do laps for an hour, while I'm lucky to actually do A lap!) Anyways, seems they decided to go to the local "alternative grocery store" after the swim & grabbed her cloth shopping bags from her trunk. She mentioned when checking out that the bag boy seemed a bit odd, but they chocked it up to the large quantity of raisin bran they purchased. Well imagine my sister's horror when she brought the bags into the house & was emptying the bags and found their bra's and panties in one of the bags!

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