Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not a good day

I’m usually an upbeat person. You know, the kind that sees the glass is half full. I’m not the cheery, wide-grin smiles 24-7 type, but it takes a lot to get me down. But yesterday, I got the news that the position I really wanted, they decided to “go in another direction.” Also, rather than any of the key personnel I interviewed with giving me this news, they had the department secretary call. So sad.

The months of unemployment were going to end. The position had a nice balance between creative & administrative. The folks seemed very nice. This opportunity was much needed as I face my father’s rapid decline. He is barely able to talk anymore and when he does, it doesn’t make any sense. Usually, he recognizes me when I say good-bye.

I think what also is getting me down is that this is the second company to post ad, interview candidates, THEN decide that they don’t need to fill the position. Not sure if its poor HR management or what. Its not only depressing to me but their own employees as well! And with this most recent news, I’m left in the dark – I have no idea what going in a different direction means. I can assume is cheaper than hiring a new person, but that’s it.

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