Monday, August 2, 2010

Passed out

Was at a lovely work-related rooftop event. Had a big mojito (and a coke, and water) and afterwards - I passed out. Now I have a shiny new shiner and a reputation! Not sure whats is up with this. I’ve made an appt. with Mayo in Oct. for my 2 yr review a week ago as I’ve not been feeliing chipper of Late.

My doctor wants to rule out electrical issues so tonight I download my device & tomorrow we talk. He was very concerned as I don't remember anything from the event - NADA - this is a sign of a concussion and a bit hard for me to take, but considering this black eye & red eyeball its very likely.

Somehow I made it to the train station from the event (I have no idea how), found the right train & and again passed out (i think). I awoke at the end of the line (5 stops passed my stop) at 10:30 at night. Train must have been sitting there for at least an hour. I had to take a cab to my station to get my car! Felt fine, but a bit dingy and $55.00 lighter.

For my co-workers who don't know of my HCM, I blamed low blood pressure, lack of food & and a really strong mojito. I was a bit shocked that someone from my work didn't follow up, but I really must have appeared OK But I have no idea & to ask makes me look like a real idot.

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