Saturday, May 15, 2010

It hurts to help

Part of me wants to say tough shit, part of me want to take the high road for the kids sake. part of me wants to do a wee bit of both.

Seem's ex-"better half" broke her wrist last night leaving a bar with her PIC (partner-in-crime) its pretty nasty and likely to require surgery. She called wanting pain pills and for someone to drive her car to her apt., also for the kids to rotate shifts helping her for the next day or so. (this is the second time in 6 months we've needed to retrieve a car at a Bar, first time for a "medical" reason).

When I had my open heart surgery & she left to go back and left me with #1 son (the alcoholic) as my attendant. I called her to inform her that #1 bought a case (24 cans) of beer and was intending on drinking them before we leave at 4 PM the next day. She said for me to have one with him. (I was 4 days post op).

I'm leaving it up to the kids to work out their shifts and I'm in no hurry to deliver pain relief . . .


  1. Don't give her the pain pills!

  2. Do not give her the pain pills - tell her bar buddies to do it!

  3. Let her get her own pain meds. Or perhaps you can tell her you took them all, after all you were the one going thru the pain.

  4. I agree! Don't give her the pain pills! Let her fend for herself!