Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hello Blog !

So sorry I’ve been away. I’ve neglected you and my faithful readers. A lot has happened since my past posting:

1) I’m finally the SOLE owner of the house – Yeah
2) I had my review at work – big whoop
3) #2 & 3 college prospects – Some good, some bad

Other things have happened, the little minutiae of life that I usually write about here but due to this prolonged absence from the digital world, I shan’t bore you with, this will be a long post as is.

So (I so hate starting a sentence with a pause like So or And – Anal Amy, the darling of my workplace, does this ALL DAY, with a headset on, virtually YELLING into the phone; as the bitch has no personal volume modulation abilities – but I digress). I’m the proud owner of a new mortgage. Its at a rate that’s .65 higher than in November when I tried before and the ex dragged her feet, but its done, and at a decent rate - For those of you prying into my financials – its 4.75%. I was able to squeeze out $62K to give to my ex as partial payment (she had a magical figure of $70k that she wanted to clear from this 28.9 year marriage – go figure, but be on the lookout for new boobs) and I owe her the $8k over 5 years. Yes, she seemed visible upset and mildly tearful for the 2 pages she had to sign but considering what I’ve gone through for the past 3 years, it doesn’t begin to compare.

My review was a friggin waste of time. I was really tossed up about it and thought at at that time they were going to can me (just as I was about to refi). Now, in hindsight knowing about how and what they think of me, I could care less. This company treats me as chattel (go ahead - look it up, I’ll wait), and frankly, I don’t care. I won’t go into details, but I’m not worried. My favorite comment in this was that its up to ME to lower my stress level at work. Its up to ME to not work more than 10 hours of overtime a week. SO - I walk out of this meeting as was hit with a rush job that needed to be done THAT EVENING (it was 4pm already). Absolutely no consideration of my already impacted week/day/evening. Yeah, I’m done with them. As they said, its up to me to deal with it and I am.

California sucks! #3 is a pretty high-average student. Not uber stellar, but not a lug. Both his junior & senior years are primarily AP courses and his freshman & sophomore were honors. He's solid b with a's in math & sciences. His goal is Bio/med.

He's applied to 5 colleges - all in CA. All declined. He had no back up as his safe school also declined. All CA schools have closed the application process months ago. They all stated the state of the economy and are only taking the SUPER elite. Sadly - Because the funding in CA is so horrible for upper education, the local community colleges are also "impacted" and he may not even get in there! The bright spot is, he did find that Colorado State has a excellent Bio/Med program and are still accepting applications. So we are trying there. (at nearly 4 times the In-State tuition). Also 2 of the schools did put him on a back-up list, but I don’t know where he is on that list. I think he’s also thinking of BC as an alternative – My son, a Canuk!

And #2 was accepted at Humboldt, but there are some issues with his transfers from “Harvard on the hill” so it may be in jeopardy. In the meantime, we are trying to find a car for him/us to buy.

I promise faithful readers to post more often.

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