Saturday, February 12, 2011

Smile - Hug your dentist if you like them

I"m lucky I've found a dentist I truly like. I've had a lot of work over the years and I've gone through a lot of dentists, some are just ok, some have noisy stomachs & nose hair, horrible personalities, some have had bad front office people. I'll give you a brief run-down of them -
the first good one was James MacDonald in Whittier. He had HUGE hands (this is a criteria one has to think of in selecting a dentist), but a great sense of humor, nice staff (usually one of his many wives) and foremost, he cared, really cared about his patients. After Jim retired I was lost - adrift from practitioner to practitioner. Then I went to Albert Lee - A young graduate just starting his practice and he was very convenient as he was just downstairs from my then office. He was using the lasted technology and everything. Sadly his practice grew so large it became impersonal, I actually wrote him a letter explaining that when the front office staff first (!) words were "your co-pay is $25 dollars" and not welcome, or good to see you again, it was time to say adios.
Then I happened upon Brian Goldstein (or some other jewish-sounding name). His front office staff was excellent - They'd counsel you on scheduling procedures around your dental insurance timeframe so you wouldn't pay more than you should and they really tried to fit you in if it was an emergency. Brian was a great dentist too - and not jewish, but very black. I'm sure he's had his explaining to do! Sadly, he left to branch into oral surgery and I'm sure is doing great.
That leaves me to Vince Goymerac - My neighbor referred me to Vince and I haven't regretted it. He's the perfect balance - Great staff (both front and back) He's got a great sense of humor, medium-size hands and he's an artist. He's done my front crowns which were 30+ years old and they look great. So even though these past few years have been chaotic with work & insurance and such, Vince & company have been there and so support my smile and I appreciate that very much!

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