Friday, June 18, 2010

And you wonder why this state is having problems!

I'm an honest guy. I don't lie or cheat (like some people I know, er- married). I trust others as I think they should trust me.
Apparently - I goofed on my State taxes. Hey, I have no idea of what I did wrong, but I know it was an honest mistake. I got the dreaded letter from our lovely state franchise (like they want to replicate this mess elsewhere?) tax board. Basically they told me to compare my answers to there and you'll see the error. My mistake is for $14.46 - They list it as a estimated tax penalty. I know I'm being picky, but the language chafes me. PENALTY.

OK, I made a MISTAKE, an ERROR, I'm human. (ok, 99.98% human, the rest is thanks to Boston Scientific). I think what really frost me is that they are charging me $0.01 interest and fees. Yes, a P E N N Y. And it cost them $0.48 to mail this to me! I would have understood if they charged me a reasonable "fee" to cover their costs - Say $.50? a buck? two bucks?

Next year - I vow to make a real error - on purpose. I'm going to be off by $0.45!

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