Friday, June 18, 2010

What a difference a week makes

I love my job.
I really like the company.
I'm so happy.

I spent the week in Seattle. The MotherShip called me to learn the inner workings of the firm.
Some key notes during my visit:
Bring gym clothes - theres a free 24 hr fitness across from the hotel.
Alaska Pale Ale in a planning meeting - It was 3:30. . .
4 Massive Starbucks coffee makers on each of 2 floors. . .
Real Half & Half in the fridge (I almost wet myself)
I'm encouraged to question authority, They call it Pushing Back.
There is a full-time documentary videographer on staff. As well as fantastically talented photographer.
There are no org charts - Lots of pie charts, process diagrams, flow charts. This is truly a flat organization. No one, not the board members, partners, lawyers, comptroller - no one has an office. Its very cafeteria style (open, long tables/desks).
They have a system for everything and if not, your encouraged to share ideas for creating what is needed.
On my last day, they cooked (in a small conference room) pancakes and had mimosa's.

I think I'll be happy here.

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