Thursday, June 3, 2010

I’m a facebook ludite

I admit I have but one fault (IMHO). I don’t really understand Facebook. I understand the premise of how I connect with others and see whats going on in their lives, but I’m also forced to see the soft white underbelly of humanity, and it sickens me. This afternoon I logged on (or is it logon? or Login?) to see something offensive on my wall . . .


This was one person’s rant to another, yet I can see it, and I’m sure if you accessed my page, this idiot’s rant would be visible for you to enjoy as well. Once I gained my composure, I wrote my mutual friend a PRIVATE email and let her know that not only do I know his name, his daughters name, and that he had the lack of decency to let the entire world know of his “issues.” I let her know that I hope that she never has access to Facebook or that her friends, family, school, or employer has access to view this jerks tirade.

I know that kids can wear us down, I know that life can be hard, but to put into words and share this WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD is plain wrong. Its not the language - Lords know I love a good cuss word, its the words that cannot be taken back, the image that can not be erase, the heartache shared and felt by millions but typically held privately. Also, to add insult to injury, this asshole has the balls to post 2 hours later that “I just scored 107,150 and earned a 100k Star Medal in Bejeweled Blitz! Here's a video of my awesome game.”

As quoted in Ferris Bueller's Day Off – I weep for the future.

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