Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still tired

So tired. I did my timecard yesterday - 3 days into the pay period and I have 48 hours! something is wrong here. That coupled with the fact that I'm still cutting down my meds (cut in half every month, in the home stretch now) and a grueling work schedule - and I'm pooped.

Friday I was lucky (?) enough to deliver the proposal to the client in Denver (and this is the NFL project in downtown Los Angeles). Denver was fine. Got it there 2 hours early & gave a Gensler guy a ride back to the airport - New to the firm/career & wondered if it will always be this bad. I told him I started in my twenties, that was 80 lbs ago, and then I told him I'm 32. You should have seen his jaw drop.

Taking Monday off - Sadly, my EP office called & it appears my device is sending him reports he doesn't like. Guess where I get to go on my day off - to my doctor's office in LA!

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